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I've been quiet on the blog front, lately. It's been at the back of my mind for months, but it simply hasn't been a priority. I find it interesting how passions come, go, and flow from one to the next. A year ago, all I could think about was blogging and writing about the millions of ideas I had swirling around in my mind. Now, my priorities have shifted (which is ironic, because here I am blogging about it...).

Personally and professionally, things have evolved for the better, and I sit here now as excited as can be to share some of what's been going on and what's in the pipeline.

My personal life

Things couldn't be better. When I was stuck in the darkest times of my life, I always clutched onto hope (one of my strengths). Hope that my perfect partner was out there, and would bring out the absolute best in me (and I in him). Hope that I would one day get married, own my own home, have kids, and live happily ever after. Hope that I would find purpose in this world. Hope that I would make a positive impact in some way. Hope that everything will work out for the absolute best.

It is.

I'm not saying things have just fallen into my lap. I've worked hard for everything I have and I am beyond grateful every day for where I've been, where I am, and where I'm going. I'm grateful that over this past year, so many of my dreams have come true.

I got engaged!

That perfect partner I was talking about before? Yeah, he exists. In September 2017, we got engaged - a day I'll never, ever forget! Snoopy McSnoopington over here (me) spied a Michael Hill bag on the floor of his car one day, and certainly didn't miss the sponsored ring ads that popped up every time he opened his laptop. I knew it was coming and was convinced it would happen on our Bali trip! I shared my findings with the girls, and they immediately told him that I was onto him (thanks, guys! :P). That meant a Bali proposal was off and a new idea was in the works (unbeknown to me). In my head, I knew it was coming, so there was no way he could surprise me... Or so I thought.

Picture this: The Royal Show, 8pm, fireworks, the ferris wheel, the sounds of joy and laughter below us, the lights, the awe, the slight fear of heights creeping in...

In prime position of the firework display, high above the crowds, our ride stopped. That's when it happened. It was beyond perfect.

We bought our first home!

If planning a wedding wasn't exciting (and full on) enough, throw a spontaneous house purchase in there, too! Well, it wasn't that spontaneous. We knew we wanted to make it happen soon, but we were imagining a slightly longer timeline. But hey, why wait when you find a cute house 3 minutes from the beach? Settlement goes through on our Anniversary (sweet serendipity), and my renovation plans are already taking over much of my life. A trip to Bunnings brings about as much child-like excitement as a trip to Disneyland right now.

Amongst all the huge life events, Inspire Happy Humans has been trucking along nicely, too.

My professional life

Teachers Pay Teachers

I noticed a severe lack of Positive Psychology resources in most of the classes I worked in last year. I get it, teachers are so pressured by grades and academic achievement, it's hard (near impossible) to find time to study a new concept like Positive Education. It's even harder to create resources and lessons from scratch, so, I thought I'd do the work for you! And let me tell you, I have loved it!

'I Am' Mindfulness Bookmarks have been a hit! They blend mindfulness and mindset into one simple, fun activity. As the saying goes: ‘I am’ – two of the most powerful words on Earth, for what you put after them, shapes your reality.

Character Strengths Posters (x24) have shown to be a popular item, too, and I couldn't be happier. I can't stress the importance of knowing, understanding, developing, and utilising your personal strengths enough! These posters are bright, colourful, and full of information about each character strength.

Kindness Cone Wall Display + Set of 24 Kindness Prompts are new to my store, and will bring a lovely combination of kindness and goal setting to your classroom. Plus, it's a cute display and a lot of fun to see how high you can get your class kindness cone!

Growth Mindset Desk Strips are important for every classroom. Cultivating a growth mindset is integral for overcoming challenges and flourishing in life. These desk strips also encourage children to solve their own problems independently. They're superhero themed and fun to use, with an open/close door system.

Other products to check out:

Gratitude Gang Wall Pockets (Gratitude)

Shooting Stars Wall Pockets (Gratitude)

Inspirational Posters - Full Colour (FREE)

Inspirational Posters - B&W (FREE)

Interview with Trending Tributes

I was also lucky enough to be featured as a guest interviewee with Trending Tributes. If you want to learn a little bit more about me and what I do, click on the image below!

Workshops/Staff Development

My Positive Education Workshops (for kids) have begun this year. If you'd like to find out more, email me or check out this page.

I've also had a few enquiries about running short Positive Education workshops for educators of all kinds. If you're interested in booking a workshop, please get in contact with me to discuss your needs.

Guest Bloggers

We have opportunities for guest bloggers to post their articles on the IHH website. If you have an idea for an inspiring, helpful, insightful blog, please let me know and we can discuss your options.

Things to look out for

- My IHH Teacher Tips Workbook. Easy, actionable, non-time-consuming activities to introduce Positive Education into your classroom or home NOW.

- Online courses for parents. Too busy to attend workshops? Not a problem - I am developing online courses for parents and teachers to take at a time that suits you.

- More Teachers Pay Teachers resources.

2018 is going to be a special one, I can feel it! Stay tuned...

Love & Happiness

P.S Do you know someone who could really benefit from reading this? To give them the motivation and push they need to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of the young people around them? Share this post with them. Even if they don't embrace it straight away, you've done your part. Thank you.

P.P.S Check out some more content to really take your life and your family members lives to the next level!

The next step:

Commit to being the change, and get started on my IHH 10 Days of Gratitude Challenge. Sign up now to receive your FREE copy. ​​

From here, get involved in my whole-family approach and register your interest for the IHH Workshops ONLINE (for adults) and the in-person, Interactive IHH Workshops (for kids). Note: Registering your interest does NOT lock you in to anything – it simply lets me know that people want to make a change, and gives me an idea of when and how I need to make it happen.

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