3 Energy Replenishing Boundaries Teachers Can Set Today

By Jessica Demunck

Setting boundaries is something that lots of teachers grapple with but it’s a practice that can be seriously supportive for our wellbeing.

I want to introduce you to someone.

Her name is past-Jess and she is a classic, full blown people pleaser.

She is undoubtedly nice and extremely helpful. She never says “no” to others and people know that they can always count on her for a favour.

Past-Jess drifts along on the whims of those around her and always finds herself saying “yes” to things she later regrets.

Does any of this sound relatable?

If this description sounds eerily like it’s been pulled from a page in YOUR story, then I’m going to assume that hearing the word ‘boundaries’ makes you feel all icky inside. Maybe like you want to retract and you’re already feeling that fear bubbling up inside.

I get it.

Setting boundaries is something that lots of teachers grapple with but it’s a practice that can be seriously supportive for our wellbeing.

Boundaries are important because without them we are reactive. When we react to the actions of others instead of embodying our own beliefs, we send ourselves the message that the other person’s worth is more than our own. And I don’t know about you, but that’s not the way I want to be showing up in the world.

It’s at this stage that my clients will start asking about how to work up the courage to set boundaries with other people.

My simple answer to that question is, you don’t.

I’m here to bust the myth that boundaries are what you set with others!

Of course, we can do our best to let others know what we expect from them or how we would like to be treated, but in the end people are going to make their own decisions.

A much easier and simpler way to set about replenishing your energy is by focusing inward instead of outward.

It is my belief that boundaries are the sacred rules we set with ourselves.

Creating our own personal boundaries gives us a sense of freedom. It even comes with the added bonus that people will see the way we're treating ourselves and gradually begin to mimic this!

Not sure where to start?

Here are 3 examples of my personal boundaries:

1. My morning routine always comes first

As a way of honouring myself, I always begin my day by taking some time to check in with how I’m feeling each morning. This may look like sitting down to write in my journal, doing some yoga, listening to a guided meditation or even busting out some moves in a solo dance party! Gifting myself with some me-time each morning allows me to feel more energised, present and joyful as I step out into my day. This boundary doesn’t immediately involve anyone else but it’s one that I set with myself as it affects the way I interact with others throughout the rest of my day.

2. I consciously transition between work and home

Sometimes at the end of a day of teaching day, we can leave work feeling frazzled, exhausted and just generally drained. Personally, those aren’t the types of feelings that I want to bring into my home. Choosing an activity that will support me to let go of work for the day and transition into my life at home, allows me to feel calmer and rested once I step through the door. Instead of attempting to set a boundary with your family or partner by saying, “You can’t talk to me for 10 minutes when I get home”- try simply having a warm shower, doing a quick meditation or going for a short walk when you get home. They will eventually become used to this habit and it will become a normal routine.

3. I am discerning with my use of technology

When we think about boundaries, a lot of us often consider examples such as, ‘It’s not okay to call me after [insert time here]’ or ‘Parents shouldn’t email me late at night’. Whilst I totally understand that asking not to be disturbed after a certain time is supportive, we can’t always rely on others to uphold our intentions for us. Instead, we can focus on how we can show up in order to have our needs met. For example, turning your phone onto airplane mode at 9pm is a boundary that you can easily set with yourself to achieve the same result. Not checking your school emails at home could be another.

Your turn!

Which boundaries can you lovingly set with yourself today?

With love & gratitude

Jess x

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P.P.S Do you know someone who could really benefit from reading this? To give them the motivation and push they need to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of those around them? Share this post with them. Even if they don't embrace it straight away, you've done your part. Thank you.

Jessica Demunck - Teacher & Life Coach

Jessica Demunck is a Life Coach and Primary Teacher on a mission to support educators to live more mindful, calm and balanced lives.

With over half a decade of experience in the education sector, Jess has been well acquainted with the all-too-familiar burn out, anxiety and overwhelm that is commonplace for teachers.

But by making small, consistent changes over time, Jessica has successfully revolutionised her life and now she supports others to do the same.

She has a Bachelors Degree in Primary Education, a Certificate in Mindfulness Education and studied coaching through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

Jess is extremely passionate about the wellbeing of teachers and leaders. She believes that thriving educators create thriving communities and she is on a mission to empower teachers of all kinds to live their best lives.

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