You & Your Teen: Reduce Stress & Strengthen Your Bond With One Simple Activity

By Aparna Venkataraman

Self-care, visualisation, and relationship building don't have to be boring. Find out how to integrate all three into one FUN activity for you and your teen.

I wish that I had the tools as a teen that I have now. I wouldn't have stressed as much in the mornings, I'd have slept much better at night, and I would've allowed myself to take a break instead of striving to be perfect at every single thing. Now, after many years, much insight, and plenty of practice, I find that my aim in life is to simply show up as myself, without needing to always hustle. Without feeling the need to be perfect. Without the daily stress.

Throughout my career, I've found that it is useful for teens and parents to know what self care is, and be able to practice it as often as possible as an emotional outlet, and to relieve stress. I remind them that it doesn't have to be a practice to enjoy only once a month, but it can (and should) be a joyful practice to enjoy daily. Also: it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, feel like a temporary high or even involve being social with others. You can do it by yourself, with a few old magazines, on the dining room table, on a consistent basis.

Better yet, get your teen involved and strengthen your relationship at the same time. How? With vision board creation.


The overall benefits of self care/vision board time include:

  • less stress, as you slip into a mindful state of cutting, visualising, and gluing.

  • increased motivation, as you imagine where you'll be in x amount of time.

  • stronger relationships, as you share your hopes and dreams with each other.

  • less anxiety, as you get clear on what you want out of life.

The best part of vision boarding with your teen? It's FUN, gets your creativity flowing, moves you both away from screens, and even better: you get to make a masterpiece of art that can be edited at any time and that feels good to you!

Designing Your Vision Board

Choose your base. A large piece of card, a cork-board, or a scrap book will do.

You can choose to add:

  • Inspiring mottos and phrases

  • Skills you want to develop

  • Types of support and communities you'd love to have around

  • Big goals and achievements

  • The steps it will take to get there (this is the FUN part of switching things out via tape, push-pins or magnets when something has been done!)

  • All of the fun opportunities and events you'd like to experience in the near future or long-term

  • Pictures and memes

Thinking about the future can be exciting and not feel like another thing on your to-do list as you go at your own pace. It's also a beautiful, meaningful conversation starter with your teen.

While creating a vision board with your teen can definitely be fun self care time, here are some other options I give to parents and teens to really let loose and embrace their inner child.

These options can take as little as 15 minutes daily, and are another way for you both to feel light and expansive on the inside, and let your worries float away!

Look back to what you enjoyed growing up (or wish you could have done more of) and see if these resonate with either of you:

  • Art

  • Music

  • Singing

  • Dancing

  • Gardening

  • Writing

  • Reading

  • Cooking

  • Essential oil blend creations for aromatherapy

  • Sports

  • Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Nature walks

  • Joining a meet-up group nearby

  • Heartwarming volunteer work

  • Creating a side business (such as a food stand, invention, or yard sale. Coming up with new ideas and executing them together can be so much fun!)

If you're stuck on other ideas to bring out your inner child, try asking friends, searching in a local newspaper or magazine, look up events on social media, or simply take a walk or drive to find bulletin boards in cafes/coffee shops/studios.

It’s NEVER too late to try a new hobby, connect to yourself, and find passion in what you love so that you can recharge and have energy for everything else in life: school, work, relationships, etc. Of course, pursuing new hobbies with your teen, or encouraging them to search for some hobbies to explore independently is even better.

I hope these tips resonate! If you'd like to know more, I offer a free 30-minute session through my website to help others around the world find what will work for them and their families!

- Aparna

P.S Do you know someone who could really benefit from reading this? To give them the motivation and push they need to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of those around them? Share this post with them. Even if they don't embrace it straight away, you've done your part. Thank you.

Aparna Venkataraman - Founder of Beauty In Parenting

Having over 10 years of experience guiding families in schools, hospitals and non-profit organizations, Aparna Venkataraman is the founder of Beauty In Parenting, and is a parent coach, motivational speaker, mindfulness educator and DoTerra wellness advocate.

She values kindness, compassion, gratitude, authenticity and helps families of babies, toddlers and teens find flow, joy and ease in life!

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